Dienstag, 30. Dezember 2014

New Year´s Resolutions

Hi guys,
So it´s only some hours left until we finally reach the new year´s eve and obviously the new year itself. I personally think that this is a great opportunity to think about your life and your goals again and to get some inspiration, as well as motivation to make things better the next year.
I have to say that the year 2014, was quite a good year for me, but still there is a lot to do and accomplish to make 2015 even better. Moreover I am in senior year which means that I will have my final exams in May and June and I really want to give my best.
Now I would like to figure my own resolutions out and maybe give you some inspiration for your own!

  • Fighting Procrastination!
Unfortunately I have to admitt that I am a big procratinator when it comes to studying or school in general. Until now I could made my way through everything quite good, which is still no reason to continue doing so. If I want to graduate with good grades this year it is vital for me to start planning and more importantly studying way earlier than I normally would.

  • Stop thinking negative about myself
For me, this is also a big thing because I never used to like myself a lot. Thus I always find something to complain about myself, which is not really something which builds your self-esteem. This would also lead to my next resolution

  • Build Self-Esteem
This is one of the most difficult tasks. Everyone with no self-esteem totally knows what I am trying to say. Building up self-esteem when hating yourself at the same time might always seem impossible. But I believe that this is only because of your own thoughts. If you think you can do it, you totally can. If you are sure you will fail, you totally will. Of course, it does not only need a positive mind, but it´s a good base. Afterwards you can start making yourself compliment, looking into the mirror and telling yourself that you are beautiful the way you are. There is always someone who likes your faults, your character, your whole appearance, but if you want other people to like or even love you. You have to take a big step and start loving yourself! 
I have many faults and flaws, I am not the most beautiful, I don´t have a perfect body, but there is always someone who likes me because of who I am and who adores me and thinks I am perfect even if I am not.
This is the same with YOU, Exactly, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!

  • Find my perfect university
At the moment I have no clue what to do after high school. I don´t know which subject I would like to study and I have no idea which university I should choose. The only thing I know is that I would actually like to be not too far away from home because I want to be able to visit my beloved ones whenever I want. But maybe I will still go somewhere else, you never know... I guess we will see it in 2015

  • Earn my own money
I used to work at the weekends, but as I am young I decided to stop. Because of working I was not able to go out like all my other friends, I could not go to parties, proms or anything else. If your work besides school it is difficult to do things with friends and family because if you also want to have good grades you have to plan at least one day at the weekend for studying and homework and the other day will be your work day. Of course, you will get money and you will be independent from your parents, which obviously is a great thing. But still you will notice that your social life will kind of die. At least MINE did :( 
But still I think I should start earning some money again because I don´t want my parents to pay all of my stuff. Honestly I feel very bad asking my parents for money. 
At the moment I am giving some extra classes to a student and to my sister which brings me money once a week. You can´t compare it with the amount of money I got with my REAL job before, but it is SOMETHING. better than nothing and I love doing it.
In 2015 I would like to get a job again. If I am able to fight procrastination, I will totally be able to work and have a social life :)

  • Memory jar
I have no idea if you heard about it, or not. If not, I am going to quickly explain what a memory jar is. Actually the word says it itself, it is a jar, in which you put little papers. If something great, something you don´t want to forget, something beautiful, or even something bad happened. You can just write it on a tiny paper and put it in the jar. When the year is about to end you can take your jar and read through everything again. It´s a great thing because sometimes people tend to forget some things and this jar will always remind you of your beautiful moments in each year.

I am not sure if i am going to do it in a jar or just in a normal notebook, but I really love the ideas of writing down your memories in order to never forget them. Imagine going through a memory jar which you made ten years ago, I think that´s great!